Ghana girls dey use karate fight child marriage
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Ghana girls dey use karate fight child marriage

One native for Northern Ghana dey help girls fight against child marriage, but en strategy be unbelievable - karate.

Baba Suleika dey teach di girls karate make dem fit use am defend dema body against any form of abuse.

But no be physical defence matter, dem dey use di psychological den social benefits of karate secure dema future against dis human rights abuse wey other girls dey suffer.

Image example One in five girls dey marry before dema 18th birthday

For Ghana, one in five girls dey marry before dema 18th birthday, wey one in 20 girls dey marry before dem go chop 15 years.

Di human rights of girls mostly for Northern Ghana be abused sake of di long standing child marriage practice.

Image example Di training for Karate no be for physical defence only, but for mind

Ghana be one of di countries wey children dey at risk of early marriage.

But under di instruction of Baba Suleika, girls for Northern Ghana start dey stand up against child marriage using karate as e dey empower di girls make dem set targets in life den achieve am just like how dem want get black belt den tins inside karate.

Di girls learn say just as dem dey show dema opponent respect den receive same for karate inside, people for respect dem for society inside.

BBC Pidgin Reporter Favour Nunoo travel go di Northern Ghana go meet plus di girls dem dema master Baba Suleika who dey give dem free lessons wey go save dema future.

Image example Baba Suleika na im start di karate training for Northern Ghana

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