Cesaria Evora: Di singer wey no like to dey wear shoe

Cesaria Evora wey be Cape Verdean singer dey among di African women wey don change di world wit her kind of music.

Dem discover her for di age of 47 and dem don know her all over di world for di morna style of singing.

Cesaria Nickname na di 'Barefoot Diva' because she no dey wear shoe wen she dey perform.

Dem born Cesaria for Cape Verde for di year 1941 and she grow up as poor pikin afta her papa die wen she be 7.

Her mama go put Cesaria for orphanage home as she dey struggle to train 6 pikin wey she born afta her husband die.

For di age of 16, Cesaria friend beg her to sing for one sailor tavern. She be di only woman for di group wey perform all ova di islands.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dem discover Cesaria Evora for di age of 47

Afta some time, plenti pipo come later know about Cesaria all ova di world.

Wen she turn 47 years old, one producer invite her to come Paris to record one album.

She also perform for London, and sell 300,000 copies of her album 'Miss Perfumado'.

Cesaria na hero to Cape Verde pipo outside di kontri, her song na about her kontri and e dey day sad.

For 2003, she win one Grammy.

Cesaria die for 2011 for di age of 70 inside her house for Cape Verde.