NoMore app: Di new way wey student go fit report rape mata

NoMore app: Di new way wey student go fit report rape mata

For many pipo wey dey follow di #MeToo movement for America based on sexual assault mata or by-force sex (rape), e dey very clear say even as some tori dey land of wetin women don suffer, di truth be say many of dem no get mind to tok.

For some Africa kontris, women no too get mouth and even if dem tok, na so so yab dem go collect or pipo no go even believe dia tori. But dis one go soon change.

One woman dey arrange application wey students for university fit use to report di mata.

Di app name na "NoMore" and dem go soon launch am for universities across Nigeria, make e give women mouth to tok di bad tin wey happun and also help make dem chook eye for di mata plus know bad bad pipo.

Ireti Bakare-Yusuf di owner of NoMore say di way rape for Naija just plenty for evriwia and e just tey like dat, na wetin make her start because she feel say "enough na enough."

As campaigner and pesin wey dey write, she come also see say for all Nigeria 58 years (of independence), na only 18 pipo don go prison based on rape mata.

Wetin we call dis foto,

E touch Ireti Bakare-Yusuf for bodi wella say for Nigeria 58 years na only 18 convictions don happen for rape

She believe say di "NoMore" app go give survivors assurance say universities go chook eye for cases of sexual assault mata.

E dey give di survivors chance to report di abuse (wetin happen), enta di informate of di pesin wey do dem bad tin and provide support system say de no dey alone.

"If say two pipo report say one pesin attack dem, e go serve as extra evidence for investigation inside di mata."

Why pipo no dey report sexual abuse?

"For Nigeria, we no dey like tok - pipo no like hia di truth" na part of di tins wey Bakare-Yusuf feel dey affect di mata.

She follow tell BBC Pidgin tori pesin Abdulmalik Fahd say even wen woman go police station dem fit dey abuse di woman based on wetin she wear.

"Why I go wan go police if I know say police no go help me," as she tok say pipo no tink say police na dia friend for dis kain mata.

"Even for village, na so so sorry, make e no do am again, no be say anybody go enta police station, even as Nigeria get law!"

Rape mata as e be for Nigeria

Based on logistics, Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF) tok say between 2012 and 2013, up to 30 per cent of women for Nigeria suffer at least one type of domestic abuse.

Truth be say nobody get di complete number of rape case for di kontri because dem no dey keep informate wella.

For 2015, di Nigerian National Assembly pass di Violence Against Person (Prohibition) Act aka VAPP.

Di law dey koko for di kontri but di big issue be say e dey only work for capital, Abuja and na only High Courts wey dey di capital get jurisdiction for any bad tin pesin do under VAPP.

VAPP also allow say once dem prove say rape happen, di offender go get smallest of 12 years for jail.

Extra laws on top rape mata for Nigeria university

For 2016, di Senate pass law wey dem call Sexual Harassment in Tertiary Education Institution Bill, wey dey set five-year jail term for any lecturer wey dem convict say im sexually harass male or female student.

Di alternative be say dem go slam fine of N5 million on top di lecturer head.

For di oda side, if dem see say any student lie ontop di lecturer head, dem fit punish di student.

But as e be so, no convictions don happen.

Di latest report wey comot for one university for the southwest, Obafemi Awolowo University say one lecturer wan sleep wit im student to give her mark, di only tin wey happen be say dem send di lecturer comot.

As e be so, apps wey students fit use to report sexual abuse no dey like dat, so NoMore fit change di way survivors go tok dia tori.

She see say for Nigeria, pipo no too dey chook eye for rape mata and she feel say "enough be enough."

Her app wey she wan launch for universities across di kontri get plan to epp student report cases of sexual harassment witout fear say pipo no go believe dem.

Video Journalists: Sarah Tiamiyu, Abdulmalik Fahd and Faith Oshoko