Uber, Taxify drivers dey strike inside Lagos, Nigeria

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Some drivers of electronic car hire company's UBER and Taxify begin strike on Monday for Lagos state south west Nigeria

Di drivers say dem go off dia app from 6am today till 6pm for 21 days, so dat anybody wey request for cab no go fit get am.

Tori be say di UBER and Taxify drivers no wan work dis period ontop plenti bad tins wey owners of di company dey do dem.

Kehinde James wey be one of di drivers wey dey strike tell BBC News Pidgin say some of di reason why dem no wan work na sake of say wen drivers and passenger get small kwanta, di operators go block di driver account witout hearing from him.

"Operators no dey inform us before dem go reduce fare wey passengers dey pay, na we dey suffer am".

Oda reason why dem dey do di strike na:

  • Dem want make di operators dey see and call dem "PARTNERS", so dat dem go dey consider dem befor dem make any decison.
  • Operators dey collect 15 percent commission from drivers instead of 10 percent.
  • Dem no get choice to choose di kain passenger wey fit enta dia car, say weda na dirty or clean person, dem go carri. Dem wan make dia services be executive, no be for evri Tom and Jerry.
  • Luggage fare no dey attached to dia trip and dat one dey make passengers to dey carri very heavy load wey dey join to spoil dia car.
  • Say dia drivers dey enta danger zones and di operators no fit get risk insurance for dem.

Even doh di drivers claim say dem dey strike, BBC News Pidgin Reporter use im UBER app to request for cab and e no tey cab land and carri am.

Di driver wey say im name na Elisha say "me I no fit join strike wey no get head. We no get association so how di strike go take happun".

Elisha explain say true true wetin im colleagues dey ask for dey legit and dem dey suffer well well but dem no get option dan to continue di work.

Electronic cab drivers bin don go strike for 2016 to protest dis same mata wey dem still dem complain now.

Uber and Taxify neva give statement ontop di mata.

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