Meet Emeka wey get Autism wit super powers
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Autism: Di man 'wey fit see yesterday and see tomorrow'

Chukwuemeka Ahubelem fit tell you di day wey any date be, without looking at calendar.

As long as di date na afta dem born am, Emeka go tell you which day of di week e fall on.

"To sabi di day wey any calendar date fall on, na gift," Emeka tok.

Emeka get autism, and im parents bin no know, until im reach 18 years. Im mama say she bin tink say na sometin wey dem dey call "delayed speech".

Image example Emeka say im dey always study calendar, but sabi pesin say dat no be reason for im talent

Emeka wey dey 29 years now, na teacher for vocational center, wia him dey teach special adults wey no get di opportunity wey him get.

"Na Emeka sista discover dis im gift wen dem dey play one day," im mama tok. "She ask am which day him birthday go fall on di next year and Emeka get am."

Di mama say na so di sista continue to dey ask Emeka plenti dates and im dey get am.

Image example Emeka mama bin tink say her pikin just no fit sabi tok since e small

By: Sarah Tiamiyu

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