Anglophone crisis: Bamenda pipo for Cameroon still dey inside shock as deh put man e head road

Empty street

Gunshots don start again and Bamenda pipo for Cameroon still dey inside shock as deh suspect say separatists fighters cut some man e head yesterday put'am for road.

Eye witness tell BBC News Pidgin say deh cut some man e head weh deh suspect say na airforce man for different place waka witam before deh leave'am for road. For dis taim moment and separatists forces shoot gun continually for laik four hours.

"Ah shock for see dis kana tin, human being don turn na toy, ah no know wusai we di go with dis kana devilish tins dem".

Anoda man say e trek for some kana quarter roads, 'lungu' dem sotei before e reach e house, no motor no bi di go e side again, all man di run. All business for around Azire stop.

Just now deh don start shoot again for around Hospital round about and some pipo for dat area don di pack out.

De gunshots since yesterday di happen afta weh governor for Northwest region Adolphe Lele L'Afrique sign paper weh e allow pipo for waka small afta one year for enjoy Christmas and New Year.

Many pipo di suffer for seka dis crisis weh e turn na fight, about 430,000 don run go oda areas, 30,000 for Nigeria and plenty don die weh even deh no know de number just now.