Disability bill: You fit go jail if discriminate pesin wit disability for Nigeria

Woman wey get disability. Image copyright Getty Images

President Muhammadu Buhari don sign new law to punish any how treatment of pipo wey get disability for Nigeria.

Oga presido Buhari sign di 2018 Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities Bill on Wednesday, and BBC Pidgin don arrange some important tins you suppose know about the beat

Tins you need to know about di Disability Bill

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Image example Organisations go begin leave 5 percent of dia job opportunities for pipo wit disability.
  • Anybodi wey commit offence say im treat pesin wit disability anyhow go enta jail for six months or pay fine of 100,000 naira if na company do di discrimination, dem go pay fine of N1 million.
  • All public organisations go keep 5 percent of dia job opportunities for pipo wey get disability.
  • 'I dey see as pipo dey crawl for ground'
  • All public buildings and automobile (i.e. moto, aeroplane, vehicle) get 5 years to redesign dia structure so dat pipo wit disability go enta.
  • Di Act also write say before organisations go build any public structure, dem go first look di plan to check weda e dey okay for pipo wit disability.
  • Any officer wey approve building plan wey no carry pipo wit disability for mind, go enta jail for two years or pay fine of N1 million or di two punishment.

Di disability bill don dey di National Assembly for 18 years since 1999 wen lawmakers first propose am during di Olusegun Obasanjo administration. Before President Muhammadu Buhari sign am into law, e don pass through national assembly four times.

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