UN want Nigerian goment to provide food and house for 10,000 pipo inside Borno

UN say make Nigeria goment help and protect 10,000 pipo for Borno state Image copyright Getty Images
Image example UN say make Nigeria goment help and protect 10,000 pipo for Borno state

United Nations don tell Nigeria goment to provide help for for about 10,000 women, men and pikin dem for Jakana town inside Borno State.

UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Nigeria, Edward Kallon say make goment also protect dis pipo wey dem by force to relocate to Maiduguri sake of Boko Haram gbege.

On di evening of 8 April, 2019 Nigerian military give sharp- sharp order and by force up to 10,000 civilians to relocate from Jakana town wey dey for north west Nigeria in di middle of di night, witout any warning before den, Oga Kallon tok.

Kallon say di military transport dem wit bus or truck to Bakassi camp for internally displaced pipo and explain say na because of security reason before dia operations for di area.

"Dem empty di entire town of Jakana and by force pipo to move go Maiduguri wit very little time to collect personal belongings. Some pipo tok say dem land Maiduguri wit notin, not even wit shoes for dia leg."

"Di United Nations dey advise Goment to quick-quick provide safety, shelter, food, water and medical care to di displaced civilians, in addition to informate about wen dey go allow dem to return home."

United Nations and dia humanitarian partners say make di goment of Nigeria take all possible practical way to make sure say dem protect di civilians and show full respect of di rights of individuals, according to wetin dem suppose do under international humanitarian law and international human rights law plus di Guiding Principles concerning Internal Displacement.

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