Di women wey dey make Akwaocha for Delta State
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Why women for Delta State dey fight to save dis cloth

For some women wey dey Ubulu-uku community for Delta State, to weave akwaocha cloth na skill wey dia mama give dem and dem come use am train dia children.

Akwaocha na ogbonge material wey don dey for many years for di igbo speaking pipo of Delta State. Di cloth wey dem dey use hand weave dey popular for dat area as dem dey use am for wedding, birthday and some burial.

But wetin dey heavy di minds of dis old women na say young pipo no wan learn how to weave akwaocha again. E dey make many of di women wonda weda na for dia hand di skill go die.

"Young pipo no dey like siddon learn how to make Akwaocha. Dem no get di patience to learn how to make Akwaocha as dem wan go city make moni," Felicia Mordi tok give BBC Pidgin.

She dey hope say goment go help promote di skill so dat plenty young pipo go get ginger to come learn how dem dey take weave di cloth.

Producers: Harry Itie and Sarah Tiamiyu.

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