Nse Ikpe Etim tok why she comot her womb
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Nse Ikpe Etim: ‘My choice na to pick life over pikin wey I no fit cari full term’

Producer: Sarah Tiamiyu

Nigerian actress Nse Ikpe Etim follow BBC Pidgin tok about why she decide to tok now.

She recently hold one session wey she call ‘Conversations with Nse’ where she share her tori give her fans.

She follow tok how trolls for social media dey always curse her on top her page.

‘I no know say pipo dey do womb watching until I marry’. Nse tok

Di Nollywood actor and producer want make di world know say women dey go through plenti tins.

‘E no get anytin wey tok say if you get pikin you be woman’ na wetin she tok as she dey encourage women wey get same challenges wey she go through.

Plenti tori full di Video.

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