"Leah Sharibu suppose be Buhari May 29 gift to Nigerians"
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Leah Sharibu suppose be Buhari May 29 gift to Nigerians - Protesters

Some Christian group hold ogbonge birthday party on Tuesday for Nigeria capital, Abuja to mark di16th birthday of Leah Sharibu, wey be di only schoolgirl wey Boko Haram hand afta di mass kidnapping for Dapchi, last year.

Many of dem turn up for Unity Fountain, Abuja to celebrate her birthday even though she still dey Boko Haram captivity.

Dem say 'Leah be hero of di Christian Faith' and dat she look death for face and no fear or change her faith but hold on to wetin she believe in.

Dem say di only gift wey President Muhammadu Buhari hold Nigerians for May 29, na for am to secure di release of Leah Sharibu.

Boko Haram refuse to release Leah sake of say she refuse to change from Christian to Islam even afta Nigerian government pay ransom for the release of the other schoolgirls.

"E don reach more than one year since Boko Haram kolobi leah Sharibu and di painful tin be say nobody no where she dey or her condition even afta goment promise di parents say dem go release am." Gloria Samdi, the president of LEAH Foundation tell BBC Pidgin

Na on di February 19, 2018, na im Boko Haram jaguda pipo dem bin land Government Girls Science and Technical College wia dem kolobi 110 school girls.

One month afta goment finish to negotiate wit di Boko Haram boys dem, Nigerian goment bin announce di release of all di oda girls dem except Leah Sharibu because of her faith.

She don dey Boko Haram hand pass 400 days'

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