Comedians wan 'heal' Anglophone IDPs
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Anglophone Crisis: Comedians wan use comedy 'heal' pipo for Cameroon displacement camp

Producer: Leo Bongben

For di first time since 2016 wen di situation for Anglophone regions and tension for oda parts of Cameroon worst, French and English comedians decide to stage show wit aim to put smile for faces of pipo weh deh run from oda areas kam Yaoundé displacement camp.

Cameroon stand-up comedian, Senoir Pastor wey real name na Christian Besseck wit e oda colleagues cari comedy show dem call ‘Laughter Heals’ go find kontri pipo weh deh run from oda areas kam Yaoundé sake of di Anglophone crisis.

Anglophone crisis force 430,000 pipo for run from Northwest and Southwest go oda areas and some of de pipo dem dey for Yaoundé.

Senoir pastor, weh don get land title as one of de best comedian weh deh nominate e dis year for Canal d’Or, say na because de crisis make pipo dia heart di cut, tension every where weh e check say laughter fit make dem feel fain small.

“Pipo deh heart don cut-cut, sotei wen you greet some man e go just sigh, dis laughter na for heal, we don start for Yaoundé and na so we go di go for odas places”, Senior pastor tok.

“IDPs dem kam for de show and deh laugh, na de only tin weh we fit give dem, joy, laughter, as we objective na for heal pipo”.

For Ntungwen Morine weh na IDP for Yaoundé, e glad say deh invite e for de show. Since some comedians perform for English e glad plenti as e bi check say de show na only for French.

“For de pass moons ah nova laugh, only fright, fear, deh di shoot for dis side you wan hear say deh don kill your sista, neighbour, you run go enta under bed, under pillow, just laik dat na so we bi di live for Bamenda”, Ntungwen tok

Na de first taim weh comedians for Anglophone and Francophone regions dem di do show for de same stage. Senior pastor weh e organise de show say “na taim for show unity for make pipo laugh for French and English”.

One of de organisers for de ‘Laughter Heals’ Christian Achaleke, Coordinator for local Youth Corner, say for bring comedians weh deh di tok French and English for one space na way for fight hate speech.

“E good make comedians for use dia talent for show how entertainment industry fit contribute for bring peace for society”, Achaleke tok.

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