How dis Nigerians wan make pipo see Yoga as way to beta life
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Yoga na way to beta your life - Folu Storms

Around di world, pipo dey celebrate Friday as International Day of Yoga. Or as dem dey popularly call am 'Yoga Day' to make pipo know about di practice wey originate for India.

Many pipo around di world, dey practice yoga and for Nigeria, di thing dey get small popularity.

Nigerian presenter and actress, Folu Storms na part of di pipo wey dey do di practice and she believe say yoga don help am deal with di stress for everyday life.

"Yoga dey help pesin wit dia breathing and for place like Lagos, e dey help well well. Wenever I dey feel stress, I go just breathe, and I go realise say I dey feel beta," she tell BBC Pidgin.

Yoga Instructor Michael Ernest also want make pipo no see yoga as something wey be 'oyibo thing' as im believe say e don dey our culture, since di days of old.

Producers: Harry Itie and Sarah Tiamiyu

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