"I dey baff inside wen our building collapse"
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Lagos building collapse: I dey baff inside wen our house fall - Victim

Promise Udoh bin dey inside di one storey building wey collapse on Sunday for Lagos State south west Nigeria.

Di building wey dey for Mafoluku area inside Lagos, bin dey undergo minor renovation wen one part of di building fall.Promise tell BBC Pidgin say dem rush three pipo go hospital afta di building collapse but add say na minor injury dem get and some don leave di hospital.

Di George Udoh family wey dey live inside di building dey accuse goment officials say dem worse dia mata wen dem come demolish di remaining building ontop all dia property.

"We beg goment pipo make we comot our credentials first but dem no gree. Dem just pull down di whole building," na so Promise tok.Goment officials say wen dem reach di area, dem notice say di building dey distressed, na im make dem pull am down.

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