Secrets wey go keep your nanny for long time
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Nanny Diaries: Secrets wey go keep your nanny for long time

Producer: Daniel Semeniworima

Different nannies share secrets of wetin go keep or make dem stay longer for pipo homes and faimilies where dem employ dem.

Child Care Psychologist, Pamela Akinboboye, Pamela Akinboboye also talk about how she don dey help prepare and train a typical Nigerian nanny.

For di past four years, Akinboboye dey train nannies for years say she and her team don record a yearly request of at least 1000 enquiries for nannies inside Lagos alone.

Di reason be say more homes inside Lagos get just mama and papa and pikin as family members and both parents dey work, so paid support dey necessary but issue of trust and fear dey di mind of di parents, according to Pamela Akinboboye wey be oga for Icarella Childcare Services.

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