"Wen I dey dance, I dey draw"
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Bright Komla: Di Ghanian dancing artist

Producers: Sarah Tiamiyu, Usifo Omozokpea, Favour Nunoo

'I see am for dream say I dey stage dey dance and draw for competition and as I wan win di competition for di dream, I wake up.'

Bright Komla tok dis one as im dey follow our tori pesin Sarah Tiamiyu tok how im take start to dey dance wen im dey draw pipo.

Di 21-year-old artist tok say God don use pipo to prophesy for im life say e go dey dance and draw at di same time.

Komla don follow draw plenti public figures and im share stage wit dem join.

'You need plenti determination and hardwork sake of say e no easy wen you dey start'. Dis na wetin Bright tok.

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