'To harvest sand na im be our only source of moni'
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Abuja indigenous women wey di harvest sand to survive

Producer: Dooshima Abu

Sefiya don dey grow old and e no get husband to provide for her and her pikin dem.

Di only way wey she dey fit put for table na to go River Ushe very early mor mor to harvest sand for sale

She dey start work as early as 6 am and close in di night but despite her hardwork, she dey only make 300 to 500 hundred naira a day.

Sefiya no be di only woman for Chibiri community, for Kuje local goment of Abuja wey dey do dis job, plenti women sef join.

Wit dia simple kaya like hoe and bucket dem work day and night sake of say dem no get oda job opportunity.

“ Dis work no be easy one and for me to fit feed my family and take my pikin dem to school, we gatz pack di sand” di women tell BBC pidgin reporter

Before before, na only men dey do dis job, but as economy hard many of di women don put hand to epp cater for di family.

Di younger women go dig di sand from di water while di older ones go cari am out of di river and pour am outside di shore hoping say one or two sand vendors go come buy and give them moni.

Cicilia Ayuba say she don dey do dis job for nearly three years and na di money she dey use feed her six pikin dem and send dem to school.

She explain give say each trip wey tipper load dem dey three thousand naira and by di time dem share am wit all di women wey work for dat day,

Each women dey get five hundred naira and wen market no dey, dem dey grt three hundred naira.

“Di work di pain body but we no get any oda option”

Many of us gatz take medicine everyday to fit come back to work di following day” she explain.

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