Strangest rumour I hear be say ah dey do cocaine – Reggie
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Strangest rumour I hear about myself be say ah dey do cocaine – Reggie Rockstone

'Hiplife Grandpapa' for Ghana, Reggie Rockstone take en turn on wanna QTMPY this week.

He no shy away from de jollof war, he talk am plain-plain sey Naija jollof no good, after he chop am he even make lucky sey he dey alive.

We ask am chaw tins but one tin wey he sey shock am be when another artiste talk am sey people spread some rumour sey he dey use cocaine.

Check wanna QTMPY session plus Reggie Rockstone.

Video Producers: Usifo Omozokpea, Sarah Tiamiyu, Favour Nunoo and Abdulmalik Fahd.

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