Life for Anglophone IDPs for Douala
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Life and tins as e be for Anglophone IDPs for Douala

Some pipo for Northwest region for seka Anglophone crisis, no fit bear de gunshots, fight between separatist fighters and goment forces, so deh run go oda areas.

Wen BBC News Pidgin tok de complains for kontri pipo with Colonel Cyrille Serge Atonfack Nguemo, e say "na BBC e problem for interview pipo weh deh di spread fake tori".

"BBC na accomplice for share dis kana information especially weh e di support propaganda for separatist weh na terrorists. Cameroon no di function for system for fake news".

Anglophone crisis start for 2016 wit teachers and lawyer's strike. De crisis turn to fight between goment and separatists forces, just now 2000 pipo don die, some 33,000 pipo run go Nigeria and about 600 pikin dem no di go school.

For some families weh de run from Northwest region go Douala, life no easy, place for sleep no dey, 14 pipo di manage for one room.

Pikin dem weh deh di go school di suffer plenti stigma, as deh di call dem 'Bamenda' and deh de feel laik some second class pipo.

BBC News Pidgin waka go meet some of de pipo dem for Douala weh deh komot Northwest region.

Here dia tori.

Producers: Leocadia Bongben, Usifo Omozokpea.

Video Journalist: Sarah Tiamiyu.

illustrations: Manuella Bonomi.

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