Cameroon IDP di use cartoons make toy moto, truck and aeroplane
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Cameroon IDP pikin weh e di dream for make real helicopter

Awa Blaise Chi, be IDP (Internally Displaced Person) weh e komot Bamenda for seka de Anglophone crisis, follow e uncle go Douala for go back for school say e dream na for one day to make helicopter and machine weh e di fly and waka for ground.

For seka Anglophone crisis, Chi, laik plenti pikin dem for Northwest and Southwest regions no go school for three years.

De crisis don make about 600,000 pikin dem komot for school and about 500,000 pipo run form Northwest and Southwest regions go odas areas for kontri.

"Ah bi di make ma toys dem for Bamenda but ah no bi fit display dem make pipo see, so ma uncle and broda decide say make ah kam Douala for get chance make de toy dem for place weh crisis no dey", Chi tell BBC News Pidgin.

Chi bin start make e toy moto dem wit bamboo, afta e turn to cartoons and plywood, e di komot engine for radio use battery for make dem move.

Na poverty push Chi for start make de toy tins dem. Since e parents dem no bi get moni for buy dem toy, e start make e own di use e play taim laik pikin for make toy.

Chi don make caterpillar, trucks, cars and helicopter di pawa dem wit battery for move and e di control dem wit remote.

Just now Chi say, "If ah get de moni ah di check for make helicopter or some tin weh e go fit waka for land and den also fly for sky".

Chi follow action for bird as di waka den fly as idea for one day make real helicopter and machine weh e go waka for land and fly for sky.

Producers: Leocadia Bongben, Usifo Omozokpea

Video Journalist: Sarah Tiamiyu