Made in Nigeria Games Wey dey teach Pikin dem Culture
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Di Nigerian games wey di totori everybody for Head

Before modern games dem come popular, which of dis games( Ludo, Ayo, Draught, Snakes and Ladder) you bin gbadu pass?

Di good tori be say one ogbonge Nigerian, Kenechukwu Ogbuagu don dey create made in Nigeria games to tell di history and culture of di pipo to di world.

“ Some of dis games wey we bin play for Nigeria an import dem bin import dem so I decide say I go produce games wey be made in Nigeria and wey reflect our culture plus young pipo fit connect wit”.

Im goal na to produce games wey go make Nigerians know dia culture and history especially di younger generation.

E also plan to produce games for 1 million Nigerian homes to enjoy by 2020.

Meanwhile as Christmas jolli jolli dey come so, board game na sure way to relax wit friends and family.

Credits: Dan Ikpoyi, Usifo, Doshima and Gift.