Coronavirus: Cameroon di check 179 contacts for Frenchman and e kombi

Health Minister in blue dress wit oda ministers for presser

Cameroon minister of public health Manaouda Malachie say deh don identify, di 179 pipo weh deh come in contact de Frenchman and e kombi weh deh get conronavirus.

Cameroon declare two cases for Coronavirus for one day, Frenchman wit Cameroon origin, and e friend (girl) for Yaoundé for number 6 day for March.

Since den, kontri pipo bin di wanda how de man enta kontri, waka sotei go die place, 182 km form Yaoundé for Ntui sub-division for Centre region and if deh don track de pipo weh e meet-up wit.

Dr Manaouda say health authorities follow de man for all side weh e enta, from de number 24 day weh e enta Cameroon.

"We identify 147 pipo weh deh come in contact with de Frenchman weh e get coronavirus, and 30 pipo weh deh come in contact wit de second pesin weh e get de virus from de Frenchman".

Wia dis foto come from, Copyright: Dr Manaouda Malachie/Twitter

For now authorities di follow de pipo for 14 days for see if deh show signs for sickness. Just now de two pipo dey for Centre Hospital isolation care centre weh deh create for coronavirus.

Manaouda add say de safety measures for airport no get any problem, but say de man bi enta weh e no bi don get signs for dis sick.

Cameroon don put health teams for all sides for different borders and ports for kontri. For now Kontri pipo fit call de number 1510 if deh get any signs and respect hygiene rules, Minister tok.

Manaouda advice say make kontri pipo avoid de kana greetings weh deh di give 'bisou' for jaw for now for remain safe.