Coronavirus: Why FA ban Tottenham's Dele Alli for one match

Dele Alli

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Alli say im make "very yeye joke"

Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli don chop one match suspension by di Football Association afta one post wey im make for social media about coronavirus.

Alli, 24, put video for Snapchat for February wia im joke about di coronavirus outbreak and and bin look like im dey yab one Asian man.

Dem tell di England international say im get fine of £50,000 and say make e go take education course.

Dis match suspension mean say e go miss di Tottenham home match against Manchester United for 19 June.

Di video im bin post show im dey wear face mask for airport lounge before im point di camera for one man wey look Asian come zoom di camera for soap wey dem dey use wash hand.

For im hearing, Alli say in bin click for im brain sharp-sharp say di video fit cause wahala and im bin delete di video before im board di plane and say na im friend bin cast am come sell di video from im private account give media.

For statement for response to di ruling, Alli tok say im dey sorry for any offence im bin cause cos, as im no like racism of any kind at all, at all and im realise say na very yeye joke for something wey don affect plenti pipo.