Brazil 10-year-old rape victim name anti-abortion activist put online make pipo vex

Pro-choice activists don dey campaign make dem legalise abortion

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Pro-choice activists don dey campaign make dem legalise abortion for di kontri

One ten year old rape victim name dem put online for Brazil don create controversy.

Na one anti-abortion activist wey one stop her from terminating pregnancy na im post am.

Afta di online post, pipo wey no support abortion gada outside di hospital wia di girl bin wan do di procedure.

Di girl bin get belle afta dem rape her. Police arrest di man wey dem suspect say rape her on Wednesday.

Di case don cause serious anger for Brazil and one judge don order Google, Facebook and Twitter to remove di personal details of di 10-year-old from dia sites.

Judge Samuel Miranda Gonçalves Soares rule say di companies get 24 hours to remove di information or face fine of 50,000 reais ($9,000; £6,900) a day.

Brazil get very strict laws on top abortion mata and no dey allow am on top rape unless na situation wey di mama life dey at risk or di pikin get birth defect wey dem dey call anencephaly, wey be condition wey dey stop one part of di brain and skull make e for no grow.

Even though di girl bin get legal permission to terminate di pregnancy, anti-abortion activists try to stop am from being carried out as dem hold noisy protest outside di hospital.

Dem shout give di hospital staff, as dem call dem "killers", and at one point dem try to force dia way into di building, but military police pursue dem.

Dem bin need to transport di pikin enta di hospital for di boot of moto and she enter through side door according to pro-choice activists.

E no clear if Sara Giromini go face charges say she make di name of di girl public, but legal experts tell BBC News Brasil say she fit dey charged with incitement to violence.

Ms Giromini na one of di leaders of di "Os 300 do Brasil" movement, one extreme right-wing armed group wey dey support President Jair Bolsonaro.