Nnamdi Kanu Biafra news: Nigeria easterners fit afford one month total sit-at-home for MNK?

"Nnamdi Kanu": Ipob lawyer visit Biafra separatist for Nigerian detention centre for di first time

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Threat to totally lockdown di whole of di south east of Nigeria for one month by di proscribed Indigenous Pipo of Biafra [IPOB] don raise kwesion.

Di kwesion na weda di region go fit to survive if e happun?

But public analyst and Director General of di Heritage Centre Foundation, Katch Ononuju, say dis na threat wey "no go work."

E say if di proscribe group attempt total lockdown na serious clash go happun between dem and di igbo pipo becos di igbos no go accept am.

"Pipo for Ipob say dem wan close di south east for thirty day, I tink dem dey ova stretch dia luck, I no tink dat na di way to go."

On Wednesday 22, September di group for statement wey dem send give BBC say dem go do one month sit-at-home strike if di leader no show for court on October 21.

"If di federal goment refuse to bring am come court for in next court appearance on October 21, 2021, di whole Biafra land go dey on total lockdown for one month."

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Nnamdi Kanu explanation to im lawyer on how dem arrest am for Kenya

Di region go survive total lockdown?

Di major challenge wey dis Ipob threat go face na di nature of di Igbo pipo of di south east.

By im nature, di Igbo man no be pesin wey go just sidon for house no do anytin.

Dem be business pipo, hustlers, pipo wey dey always like do tins to make moni. Sidon-look no be dia lifestyle at all.

As per di kain pipo wey dem be, e go hard for anybody to comot say make dem no go about dia hustle for one whole month.

Dis na why Oga Ononuju say di sit-at-home order dey "undermine our economic progress, e undermine peace and unity of di Igbos becos dem no sabi Igbo pipo to dey docile on a day like Monday, Igbos dey go out go hustle."

Sit-at-home strategy wey Ipob dey use be like di type wey di Civil Rights Movements use for United States and di non-violent civil disobedient strategy wey India Mahatma Ghandi and im movement use against di East Indian Company.

But Ononuju say dis strategy na no-no for pipo of Nigeria south east region, and di result go be "clash between di demand of di separatist group and di natural hustling way of di Igbo pipo."

As for economic impact, im say di lockdown go affect di profits wey dem for make from dia business on those days and dis no go go well wit di Igbos.

For July Nigeria goment arrest leader of di proscribed Ipob group, Nnamdi Kanu for Kenya cari am come Nigeria.

Since den im dey di hands of di Department of State Security.