Why Aluko say England coach bully her

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Image example Eniola Aluko don play 102 times for England

Footballer, Eniola Aluko, don talk say head coach for di England female football team, Mark Sampson, dey bully and discriminate against her.

This na wetin Aluko talk, on Monday, wey bi di first time wey she go open mouth talk wetin she say bi di problem between her and di coach.

Aluko wey be sister of Super Eagles of Nigeria striker, Sone Aluko, dey play for Chelsea and don play 102 times for England, come score 33 goals.

She say coach Sampson make one "racist comment" about her family for Nigeria before dem play di match against Germany for 2014 wey pain her well, well.

"I bin dey near Mark Sampson and im ask me which family members dey come for the match.

"I say I get family wey dey come from Nigeria. Im come talk say 'make sure say dem no come over with Ebola.' I laughed because I bin dey in shock. I know know wetin to talk," na wetin Aluko talk about im coach.

But Sampson say im never talk dat kain thing before.

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Image example Coach Sampson say im never discriminate against Aluko

So far, dem don do two investigations on top dat matter but dem no carry weight sake of say people wey suppose come talk no gree come to talk to investigators again.

Last year, dem hold one three-month independent investigation and still no see any case inside Aluko complain. Dat na how di investigators clear Sampson and the English Football Association from di accusation.

Di English FA don talk say Aluko sef no co-operate with the independent investigation, and say another witness comot hand from the process.

When BBC ask Aluko why she no join di investigation, she say, "I no fit take am seriously. I know say dem never talk to key people."

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Image example For di first time in 12 years, dem comot Aluko name for Euro 2017 squad

Aluko argue say she think say football authorities dey slow to address issues of racism.

"The problem with woman football na say for many years we don try give am good tori, and talk good things about am," she talk.

Aluko come add say "but the problem with that one be say too much sweet talk no go allow you see wetin dey go on.

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Image example Aluko don score 26 goals for Chelsea.

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