AfroBasket 2017: Senegal and Nigeria win all matches

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Image example Host, Mali dey fire Central African Republic team

Nigeria and Senegal na di two countries for West Africa wey dey make their countries proud for di 2017 AfroBasketball Women's championship (FIBA Afrobasket) wey dey go on now for Mali.

Senegal and Nigeria dey shine like electric bulb as dem don qualify for quarter final on to say dem win all four of di five games dem don play for di tournament.

Host Mali still get hope to play quarter final because after four games, di team win three of di five games dem get to play.

So far Guinea and Central African Republic dem luck no shine for di first three match wey dem don play.

For Cameroon wey don win two games now, dem need to win their last group game on Wednesday August 23 to qualify.

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Image example Dis na Nigeria Senior Women Basketball team D-Tigress

Game results for August 22

  • D-Tigress wey be Nigeria Senior Women Basketball team nack Guinea with 93 to 61 points
  • Mali (wey be di host country) take Central African Republic shine with 97 to 38 points
  • Senegal wey win di last competition slap Egypt for face with 93 to 61 points
  • Cameroun carry Tunisia shine with 97 to 49 points
  • Mozambique press Democratic Republic of Congo with 52 to 42 points
  • Angola shame Ivory Coast 70 to 62 points

Game results for August 20

  • D-Tigress beat Egypt with 106 to 72 points
  • Mali siddon on top Ivory Coast 61 - 39 points
  • Tunisia lose to Angola 62 - 55 points
  • Mozambique team wipe Guinea 88-47 points
  • Senegal carry di day wen dem play Democratic Republic of Congo 70 - 63 points
  • Cameroun also beat Central African Republic 94 vs 42 points
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Image example Aisha Mohammed wey bi Nigeria player

Second game results for August 19

  • Tunisia 96 vs Central African Republic 51
  • Egypt 109 vs Guinea 78
  • Ivory Coast 57 vs Cameroon 54
  • Nigeria 84 vs DR Congo 47
  • Senegal 76 vs Mozambique 67
  • Angola 68 vs Mali 59
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Image example Senegal hammer Guinea

First game result for August 18

  • D-Tigress beat di Mozambique team 80-69
  • Cameroun lose to Angola 78 - 56
  • Senegal team wipe Guinea 105-39 to win their first match
  • Mali siddon on top Tunisia 86 vs 48
  • Ivory Coast also beat Central African Republic 104 vs 57

Games wey remain

All di 12 teams for di championship go play one last match each for di group stage Wednesday August 23.

FIBA 2017: Na only 4 Weeks We Take Prepare - D-Tigress

Na di remaining match each country go play, fit change di table of di quarter final stage.

For now, Nigeria and Senegal don secure their ticket to play quarter final on Friday August 25.

Image copyright FIBA
Image example Na Cameroon senior women basketball team

Wetin be FIBA?

• FIBA Women's Afrobasket na di highest women basketball tournament inside Africa wey dem dey play every two years.

• Na di best 12 national teams for Africa dey play di competition.

•This na di number 25 time wey dis competition go take place and na for Bamako, Mali dem dey play am from August 18 go reach 27.

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