PSG Neymar go fight Barcelona for court

Neymar Image copyright EPA
Image example Neymar yab the ogas dem wey dey in charge for Barcelona for Monday

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) striker Neymar say im don ready to go court go battle Barcelona, after im former club announce say dem carry am go dia.

Barcelona want make Neymar return the 8.5m euros (£7.8m) renewal bonus dem give am after im sign five years contract with dem but come change im mind leave dem go PSG.

For August, the Brazil international become the most expensive football player for world after dem pay $263mn (222mn euros) on top im head.

''E no go tey before we go file Neymar defence wey be im side of the mata," na wetin di lawyers for Neymar talk.

Neymar use style talk say no be im owe Barca money; instead na dem owe am after im comot from Spain.

Neymar lawyer still say: ''On top the bonus Barcelona owe am for the 2016 contract im sign with dem, Neymar don already begin the waka for court to collect that money.''

For Tuesday, Barcelona say dem want collect the renewal bonus wey dem already don pay Neymar, and on top of that, dem want another 10% on top say im take time before im pay.

Image copyright Neymar JR
Image example Neymar fight with Barcelona no reach the side of im former team, as im pose with Gerard Pique, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi for Monday on Instagram

''Barcelona want make Paris Saint Germain dey in charge the payment of this money if Neymar no fit do am by himself," this na wetin Barcelona talk.

Paris St-Germain join mouth for this mata, dem say the thing wey Barcelona talk surprise dem.

PSG still talk say, ''Paris Saint Germain and Neymar Jr. follow the law and rule as e dey, and the strong head of Barcelona dey pain us."

Na for August 11 Barcelona go the Labour Tribunal court for Spain submit the lawsuit on top Neymar mata.

After Neymar leave Barcelona go PSG, Barcelona say dem go seize 26m euro (£23m), wey be Neymar loyalty bonus.

Neymar yab the directors for Barcelona for Sunday after im score two goals for the first match im go play inside PSG stadium. PSG win dat match 6 - 2 against Toulouse.

''Na four beautiful years I do for dia and na with joy I comot'' na wetin Neymar talk. ''But with (di ogas for the board), no be so.

''For me, dem no suppose be the people for dia, dem no suppose lead Barcelona. Barcelona suppose beta pass wetin dey."

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