Floyd Mayweather nack Conor McGregor

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Image example Floyd Mayweather don increase im professional record to 50-0

Floyd Mayweather don increase im clean record wey dem never win am reach up to 50 fight after im nack Conor McGregor for round 10.

Even though Conor McGregor only begin to box for dis year, dis na di most expensive fight for boxing history.

Di T-Mobile Arena for Las Vegas full well-well with supporters, media people and celebrities wey come watch the fight.

Mayweather don win world champion five times for boxing and dis McGregor na champion for UFC wey dey use hand, head, leg in fact, na di whole body dem dey use fight for inside cage.

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Image example Charlize Theron dey among the celebrities wey come see the match

For round one, McGregor try well-well when im land Mayweather wan sweet uppercut wey enter.

McGregor show sign say im no come play for boxing ring, say im mean business.

But e remain small make McGregor forget say na boxing im dey do after he im give Mayweather plenty blow for the back of im head.

Mayweather, wey commot from retirement come fight dis fight, use wait-make-McGregor-tire strategy win dis match.

By round 9, McGregor don use all im energy like mobile phone battery wey only 5% remain, the bone wey dey im leg even switch off.

Dis na signal for Mayweather to commot imself from airplane mode enter normal and im begin to dey do like lion wey ready to chop.

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Image example Na Mayweather go carry the WBC Money Belt wey get plenty diamonds go house

For round 10, Mayweather pounce on McGregor give am serious punishment so tey referee Robert Byrd gas enter to stop di fight.

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Image example Referee Robert Byrd stop di fight after one minute and five seconds for round 10

Persin fit argue say di time referee Robert Byrd stop di fight too early because McGregor still get small stamina and all di points wey im don collect for fit help am win di fight.

But McGregor suppose collect clap because im get heart and mind to fight former champion like Mayweather wey never ever lose match for im career before.

Conor McGregor fit use the BIG alert wey go fit reach up to $100m forget say im carry last for the fight.

Experts dey talk say dis match fit generate over $600m wey go make am di richest for history for boxing.