Olympic champion Kelly Holmes dey 'cut herself everyday'

Dame Kelly Holmes Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dame Kelly tell BBC how plenty-plenty injuries during her career make her doubt herself

One Olympic champion don talk how she dey harm herself as she struggle to handle injuries wey she think say for end her career.

Dame Kelly Holmes, dey live for Kent, United Kingdom; she win gold for 800m and 1500m competitions for Athens for 2004.

Di year before, (2003), she say she bin dey "cut" herself every time, to "release di pain" she dey feel.

She say: "Di worst na when, I cut myself with scissors everyday wen I get injury."

Dame Holmes open up about her experience with depression for di new Health and Wellbeing Live show for Tunbridge Wells, UK.

For di event, she share picture wey she take immediately after she get injury for di world championship for 1997.

Na one of seven injuries wey make her start to dey harm herself.

'No give up'

Na as she dey talk with BBC South East, na im Dame Holmes say after di "up and down for many years," she reach di point wey she look herself for mirror and she "no one dey here."

She say di scissors dey for her bathroom and she dey use dem to release pain wey she dey feel.

"Na really bad place to dey. But my biggest message na for people be say you fit comot from feeling down and you still fit make am. Make dem no give up."

Becky Randall, di co-founder of Health & Wellbeing Live, say: "[Kelly] struggle but she dey move ahead.

"So many of us dey feel say we no dey good enough. I want people to understand say dem no dey alone, and if dem talk about wetin dey disturb dem e go help dem."

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