Liverpool claim say Adekanye suffer racist abuse for Spartak Moscow

Liverpool corner flag Image copyright Getty Images

Liverpool don vex; di English club don dey talk to Uefa wetin dem feel say happen to dia winger Bobby Adekanye during Uefa Youth League match against Spartak Moscow of Russia.

Uefa na im bi di authority over everything wey concern football for di European league.

Liverpool claim be say people abuse Adekanye because of di colour of im skin, wey be racist abuse, during their 26 September battle with Spartak.

Dem say di matter happen for Spartak Academy when di 18-year-old waka enter di match as substitute for di 58th minute.

Uefa tell BBC Sport say dem dey wait for more report.

Already, di same Spartak don dey face another three charges for incidents wey involve fans during di 1-1 draw for dia Champions League game against Liverpool later dat day.

Dis charges na for illegal banners and chants, say fans dey blow fireworks and dem dey block stairways.

Tori be say na for 19 October na im Uefa own control, ethics and disciplinary bodi go put eye on top di matter.

Early dis month, na im dem nack fine of 60,000 euros on top Spartak head (about $70,000) for firework incident during their match for Maribor, Slovenia.

Spartak don also dey banned from selling tickets to dia fans for di 1 November match inside Sevilla, Spain.

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