Norway go pay their male and female football teams di same

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Image example Norway don win di Women's World Cup once and di Women's European Championship two times

Norway male and female players go begin collect di same money for representing di country, na wetin di Norwegian football association announce dis weekend.

Tori be say dis na di first time for world football wey one country go make dis kain decision.

With dis new levels, di money wey dem go pay to di women's team go almost double from 3.1m krone (wey be about $386,000) to 6m krone (wey dey like $750,000).

This money include 550,000 krone (about $62,000) wey male Norwegian players pay; money wey dem receive for commercial activities.

Norway winger Caroline Graham Hansen don respond. She say: "thank you for dis thing wey una do for female athletes."

Na inside message for Instagram na im Graham Hansen hail di men's football team for di contribution wey dem make.

"E fit be small thing to una to put dis money, but e mean everything to us, our team, our sport and for all di female athletes wey dey do di same work, di same sport wey men dey do, but dem still dey receive small money."

Di country football players' union boss wey be Joachim Walltin say im beleive say dis na di first deal wey go arrange dis kind thing for women, for world.

"Norway na country where to allow women stand equal with men dey important for us, so e good for di country and for di sport," na wetin im talk.

Oga Walltin still say: "for di girls, dis one go make big difference; some of dem dey work, and go school dey still play football at di same time, so e fit dey hard dem to improve for di game."

Im say dis na investment wey go increase di level of Norway women's team.

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