Arsene Wenger don 'carry' fake George Weah news

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Arsene Wenger don 'carry' fake George Weah news

Arsenal football club manager Arsene Wenger don enter one chance. Im congratulate im former player George Weah as di new president for Liberia.

Di only problem bi say, George Weah no bi di president of Liberia yet, because dem never announce di result of di election.

Fake news about Weah victory don dey spread for social media, and e fit be di reason why Wenger go think say im don win.

Or maybe, one week of no club football fit don dull Wenger small, as international break bin happen last weekend.

Image copyright ISSOUF SANOGO
Image example Liberia presidential candidate George Weah

Arsene Wenger na Weah manager for Monaco from 1988 - 1992.

Weah, wey be former Fifa World Footballer of di Year, dey among 20 candidates for Liberia presidential election wey happen for Tuesday wey wan replace President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

E don reach two times now wey im don fight for dis position and im no win.

Plenty experts dey feel say di result of di election go close, and because di winner suppose get 50% of di votes to win, second round fit dey.

Di head of di National Elections Commission (NEC), Jerome Kokoya, bin tell BBC say dem suppose announce di first result for 11pm for election night, but dat time don come and go, and still di result never come out.

Liberal Party, wey be one of di big political party for Liberia don talk say make dem no announce di result because dem feel say di election get wayo inside.

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