Pole Dancing: You go want am for Olympics?

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Image example Competitions don already dey for pole dancers

E fit dey possible say countries for Africa fit carry people go Los Angeles to get gold for 2028 for pole dancing?

Pole dancing don collect "observer status" from di Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF). Dis one mean say dem don see am as sport.

Di major reason na because of Katie Coates, wey start di International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) and don dey campaign since.

Di recognition wey GAISF give, fit make Pole Sports application to be member for di International Olympic Committee (IOC) to work.

E also mean say di join bodi for pole dancing for UK fit start to dey do national events.

But to join Olympics, dat one na pole wey fit high to climb.

Any sport wey dey eye to follow as Olympics sport, suppose meet three rules:

  • E suppose dey di World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada).
  • E suppose be member of GAISF.
  • E must to get 50 national federation.

For now, na around 20 national federations pole dancing get.

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Image example Pole dancing dey like gymnastics, diving or ice skating?

Di process to join Olympics tough well-well and dem don reject plenty sports before. For example Squash don try three times to become Olympic sport. World Arm wrestling Federation, World Dodgeball Association, International Union of Kettlebell Lifting and International Table Soccer Federation all don try.

When most people hear pole dancing, na strip clubs dey enter dia mind, but e no mean say di sport must by force get sex matta for inside.

Di IPSF talk say pole dancing get technical matta for inside, and say e be like other Olympic standard sports like gymnastics, diving and ice skating.

Even IPSF talk say dia competitions get age categories wey carry from 10 enter 65.

Image example Where di sport from start na di biggest wahala for di matta

Di connection wey pole dancing get with strip clubs fit make am hard for countries wey get traditional belief.

Di rule be say any sport wey dey join Olympic Games must to try increase di "value and appeal" and must to show di Games modern traditions.

Whether Pole Dancing fit show dat one, na another matta.

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