Sepp Blatter: Ban or no ban, l dey go Russia World Cup

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Image example Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter, wey be di former president of FIFA, don talk say im dey go next year World Cup for Russia, even though di world football body don ban am from di sport.

"I dey go World Cup for Russia. Russia president Vladimir Putin send me invitation," Blatter talk for interview.

One Russia government talk-talk person say ''Russia go happy to see (Blatter) for Moscow".

"Una know say Putin and Blatter don dey friend demself for long time", Dmitri Peskov tell journalist dem.

Peskov still talk say "di World Cup na sweet opportunity to celebrate football and everybody we go invite, we go welcome and treat dem well-well, including our old friends."

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Image example Sepp Blatter and im old friend, Russia President Vladimir Putin

Blatter tell tori people AFP say Putin also send invitation to Michel Platini, di former UEFA president, wey FIFA also ban on top corruption mata.

But one close friend of Platini, di former number one man for European football, talk say "Platini never get any invitation from Putin to go di World Cup and im never know im plan for next year."

For 17 years, Blatter na di god of football because na im dey in charge of FIFA wey dey control di game for di world.

But for 2015, one FIFA committee suspend am from everything wey get football connection for six years after e say Blatter collect one wayo money of $2.1 million from former UEFA oga, Platini.

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Image example Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini

But Blatter, wey get strong head, say come rain or sunshine, im go show for di World Cup, competition wey im don dey go since im begin work for FIFA since 1975.

"Because I no fit work for football... maybe I no go too tey for Russia."

As e be so, e no too clear how di FIFA ban wey dey Blatter head go affect am, if im show for any match for di world cup.

France allow make Platini, wey get four year ban from football, watch match for stadium during di Euro 2016 competition, but dem no allow am do any official job for di competition.

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