Uefa Champions League: Leicester City make more money pass Real Madrid

Leicester City Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Leicester City reach di quarter-finals before Atletico Madrid comot dem

Leicester City collect more money as dem reach Champions League quarter-finals last season pass Real Madrid wey win di competition.

Di Foxes, wey Atletico Madrid comot, collect £73.2m for dia first season for di competiton.

Champions League winners Real Madrid collect £72.6m.

Runners-up Juventus na di only club wey collect more money £98.6m.

Di total money for Champions League wey clubs share na £1.25bn for payments from Uefa.

Manchester United collect £40m as dem win Europa League.

Arsenal wey lose 10-2 aggregate to Bayern Munich for last 16, collect £58m.

Manchester City, wey lose to Monaco for di last 16, collect £45m, while Tottenham wey no comot from group stage, collect £39m.

How dem add di money

Participation bonus Performance bonus Market pool Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-final Final
Leicester 12.7m 7.4m 49.1m 6m 6.5m
Real Madrid 12.7m 6.7m 26.1m 6m 6.5m 7.5m 15.5m
Juventus 12.7m 7.9m 58.8m 6m 6.5m 7.5m 11m
  • Each club go get minimum payment of 12.7m euros just to play for di group stage, also additional performance bonus of 1.5m euros per win and 500,000 euros per draw.
  • Di 500,000 euros surplus wey dey for matches wey end for draw dem share to all di clubs for di group stage according to number of matches dem win. Other bonus dem na for every knock out stage di clubs reach: 6.5m euros for di quarter-finals, 7.5m euros for di semi-finals, 11m euros for di runners-up for final and 15.5m euros for di winners.
  • Dem divide money from di market pool according to di value of di TV deal for each country, plus other factors.

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