Italy: Serie A matches dey remember Holocaust

Pickin dey collect "The Diary of Anne Frank" Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di Italian Football Federation decide to make am so dat dem go get one minute siulence for all di people wey die for Holocaust

For Wednesday, Lazio wey win dia game 2-1 against Bologna bin wear picture of Anne Frank and di words, "No to anti-Semitism".

Dis na to say dem no gree with people wey dey hate Jews for world.

Dem bin read one part of popular book wey be The Diary of Anne Frank during di match between Juventus v. SPAL.

Some Juventus fans wey bin come put eye for di match turn round dey sing Italy dem national anthem, even as dem bin dey do one minute silence for people wey die for di Holocaust.

Di Holocaust na di name wey dem give di time wey Germans kill six million Jews and millions of other people before and during World War II.

For many stadiums, when dem bin do di moment of silence, people bin clap.

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Image example Lazio players dey exercise for T-shirts wey dem write "No to anti-Semitism" on top

But for some fans wey bin dey di Juventus game, dem laugh wetin di players bin dey read with dem own sing-sing.

Italian president Sergio Mattarella talk say di case na very serious matter, even as Italy dem police don start to dey investigate am.

Anne Frank turn one of di most popular of di Jewish people wey bin dey di Holocaust when di diary of her life as German Jew for Amsterdam during World War Two come out.

Ms Frank die for Bergen-Belsen concentration camp when she be 15 years old.

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