Pharrell Williams don move enter technology market

Pharrell for Grammy Christmas Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Pharrell Williams na di newest employee for music technology company, Roli

Pharrell don enter one technology company wey dem dey call Roli as person wey go increase di rep for di company.

Roli na music technology company and bin enter market when dem create music instrument wey dem call di Seaboard.

Seaboard na equipment wey be like piano but di keys for di equipment be like sponge.

Upon say di equipment bin expensive well-well, as one dey sell for more than $10,000, di equipment bin sell wella.

One of di things wey help dem na when Stevie Wonder come put im name join.

Now, Roli don dey do cheap technology for music like Blocks wey dey use real instrument with app to help di person wey dey use am to dey creative.

But, BBC tori person for technology, Rory Cellan-Jones, don talk say celebrities wey dey enter technology no dey end well.

For example, e no tey after Blackberry come out say Alicia Keys na dia new "global creative director" wey people notice say she no dey even use dia phones, na iPhones she dey use.

But Roland Lamb, wey be di founder of Roli, talk say no be like dat at all on to say di "Happy" singer go get mouth for wetin go move di company forward.

E talk say dem get di same interest to make music easy for pickin dem.

For show wey dem introduce am as dia new chief creative officer, Pharrell Williams talk say e dey hard for pickin wey grow for im area to get access to opportunities, something wey dey cause waste of talent.

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