South Africa: Judge don sentence farmers wey force man enter coffin

Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen Image copyright PHILL MAGAKOE/Getty Images
Image example Di judge say di two men no show sign of regret for wetin dem do

Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen video di way dem take force Victor Mlotshwa enter coffin as im dey shout dey beg dem make dem no kill am. Dem enter trouble after di video land ontop internet even though dem later release di man.

Although dem been argue say dem only just dey try teach di man lesson because im dey trespass, court still find dem guilty for attempted murder and kidnapping.

Judge Sheila Mphahlele talk say wetin dem do their fellow human being dey very bad. Di judge say e no dey in line with di spirit of South Africa constitution and their behaviour go add fire to racism and tension for country wey dey divided already.

But many white farmers feel say di sentence too much and say politics don enter SA court dem. Dem say dis case wey no dey common get all di attention while outside di matter dem dey rob and kill white farmers all di time and e no dey get di same attention.

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