WBA, IBF heavyweight titles: Anthony Joshua win Carlos Takam

Johua and Takam dey fight inside boxing ring. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Joshua break nose for dis fight

Nigerian-British boxer Anthony Joshua defend im World Boxing Association (WBA) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) heavyweight titles as im finish Cameroon-French Carlos Takam for boxing fight on Saturday night October 28, 2017.

Na 12 days notice na im dem take stage di fight wey reach round 10 for Principality Stadium, Wales UK.

28 year old Joshua damage im nose inside round two after im mistakenly jam head with Takam.

For Round four Joshua damage Takam eye.

But 'I want rematch, na only 12 days I take pepare to fight Anthony' - na wetin 36 year old boxer Calos Takam talk after im lose for round 10 to Joshua

Referee stop di fight after Joshua knack-knack Takam sotey im eye injure.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Anthony Joshua na Nigerian-British boxer

'I come to fight, I no siddon one corner dey make decisions'. 'Na good fight until di ref stop am, so I get plenty respect for Takam.'- Joshua talk.

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