South Africa: I no rape Jennifer Ferguson - Danny Jordaan

Danny Jordaan

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South Africa Football Association oga Danny Jordaan

South Africa football oga Danny Jordaan no rape singer and former lawmaker Jennifer Ferguson for hotel room 24 years ago, na wetin im lawyer don talk.

Danny Jordaan, wey organise di 2010 World Cup for South Africa, na senior member of di ruling African National Congress (ANC) party.

Mr Jordaan lawyer, Mamodupi Mohalala-Mulaudz, talk im mind for South Africa radio station 702 for Tuesday night, after Ms Ferguson first talk to di same station say she dey think am whether she go carry di mata go court.

Na for beginning of October Ms Ferguson come out for internet, accuse Jordaan of rape for one hotel for Port Elizabeth for South Africa.

She say im use ''plenty power'' and ''wey give me pain'' rape am 24 years ago.

Ms Ferguson wey dey live for Sweden say na di #MeToo campaign for social media wey ginger am to talk about di thing wey happen to am.

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Jennifer Ferguson na South Africa singer and former lawmaker

She say di attack happen for special time for her life when good thing dey happen to am.

''I dey happy because di ruling African National Congress (ANC) party choose me as lawmaker make l work with dem for di first democratic parliament for 1994''.

Mr. Jordaan don talk im own side of di tori through im lawyer:

''Ms. Ferguson don claim say Dr Jordaan rape am 24 years ago. Dr Jordaan say no be true, im no rape Ms. Ferguson.''

''As things be for South Africa where sexual attack plenty, Dr Jordaan decide say im go first carry di mata for mind, think about am, before im go talk im mind.''

''As e be so, Dr Jordaan don think am well-well and im wan tell everybody say im hand dey clean.''

Jordaan still continue to dey talk, im say dem don give am advice, make e no just dey talk about di mata anywhere apart from for inside court.

''Even though Dr Jordaan agree say di kain argument wey dis mata don generate na good thing wey go promote tori about di kain palava, sexual attack be for South Africa.

...dis mata wey im get with Ms Ferguson get two different versions, and na for court dem fit settle am, no be for media.''

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Danny Jordaan get plenty approval for di work wey im do to bring World Cup come South Africa for 2010