Jose Mourinho: Why Spain and tax wayo be like 5 and 6

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Image example Jose Mourinho for Spain court

Tax wayo na tori we don dey hear everywhere, but for football e don almost become like competition every year.

Di Spanish tax office don accuse plenty people say dem dey avoid di taxman and Manchester United manager, José Mourinho, don become di latest person.

According to wetin di Spanish authorities bin dey talk, between 2011 and 2012, Mourinho do wayo on top €3.3m wey im make but no gree pay tax.

Dis na di same mata other top footballers, like Cristino Ronaldo wey dem say chop €14.8m, use am clean mouth; Lionel Messi, wey get own-goal with €4m tax wayo and Neymar wey don go court because of transfer fee wey dem say im hide from taxman.

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Image example Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. get tax palava for dia head

Wetin join all of these people together?

Di answer na Spain but how dis tax wayo take start for Spain?

Di British Connection

After England player, David Beckham, join Real Madrid for 2003, im enjoy special tax awoof because Spain wan ginger other ogbonge footballers and managers make dem come La Liga.

Dem call dis special tax awoof ,'Beckham Law' and for six years, David Beckham dey pay 24% tax on top money im dey make for Spain. Something wey others dey pay like 50% for.

During dis time, Spain economy blow and Real Madrid bring top players come like Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo,

But in 2010, Spain cancel Beckham Law for anybody wey dey collect salary of more than €600,000 but some big players eye don chook already.

For players to dey give tax man 50% of dia salary instead of 24% dey give dem headache, so dem begin look for way to hide money wey taxman no go see.

But taxman also don wise up and no dey look eye, after dem notice some players no wan dey pay tax.

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Image example Na David Beckham start dis whole wahala

As things be, Jose Mourinho don talk say im no get any case to answer after im settle fine with Spain court.

Argentina players Lionel Messi, Javier Mascherano and Angel Di Maria all don get punishment for tax wayo but Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo still get court case.

Ronaldo say im dey innocent.

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