How Patrice Evra give fan kung-fu kick

Patrice Evra
Wetin we call dis foto,

Evra, like Cantona be French player wey don give football fan kung-fu kick

French football club, Marseille, don talk say dem dey investigate wetin make their player, Patrice Evra, give one fan kung-fu kick for inside stadium.

Video show di 36-year-old former Manchester United defender as e dey do warm-up for match against Vitoria Guimaraes and di next thing be say im carry leg give one supporter kung-fu kick for head.

Na so Evra, wey im name dey as substitute player for di game, collect red card even before di match start.

UEFA wey bi di league joinbodi don accuse Evra of 'violent conduct'.

Dem don suspend di defender for "at least one game", and UEFA go decide on top im case on 10 November.

Also im club Marseille don get accuse say dia fans rush enter field, shoot fireworks and do damage.

Wia dis foto come from, L'Equipe

Wetin we call dis foto,

Na like dis French Newspaper show wetin happen

How e happen

  • As substitute, Evra begin to dey warm up with im team-mate dem before di match
  • For about 30 minutes, e be like some fans begin abuse am with song
  • Evra go meet di Marseille fans, wey be like 500 wey dey dia
  • E kick one ball go where di fans dey, but some of im team-mate come tell am say make im calm down
  • Evra climb di billboard to near where di fans dey, even as some of di fans sef leave dia seat to come front
  • Di 36-year-old waka go back to di field, but one group of fans come forward near di field and e be like say Evra kick one of dem
  • Evra come go back to substitute bench, but di referee give am red card so im comot go watch di rest of di match with di crowd

Marseille begin investigation

Marseille talk on Friday say investigation don start to know wetin happen

"No matter wetin happen, professional player suppose get self-control even if im provoke or dem insult am,"

Marseille coach Rudi Garcia been talk after di match: "Pat get experience, and im for no react".

"E must learn to dey cool. I no go talk pass dat one."

Garcia also accuse di fan: "Im no be supporter of Marseille, because you no fit insult your own club player."

Evra, wey don win five Premier League title and Champions League during di eight years wey im dey Manchester United, join Marseille from Juventus in January but na only two times im don play dis season.

Wia dis foto come from, Action Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Eric Cantona kung fu kick wey im give one fan - Matthew Simmons

For 1995, Manchester United former player Eric Cantona sef chop ban for nine months after im use kung-fu kick on top one fan for dia match against Crystal Palace.