Know how FIFA take rank your country for football

Germany national team
Image example Germany don tay for number 1 for FIFA ranking

FIFA Men World Ranking na system wey dey give point to countries based on international match wey di senior team don play for di last four years.

FIFA, wey bi world football joinbodi dey rank all dia members from number 1 reach di last number wey bi 209, and every month dem dey come out with new list.

Dem start di ranking for December 1992 and only eight teams (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, di Netherlands and Spain) don dey di top 10 pass. Na Brazil be di country wey don tay pass for number one position.

Before 2006, FIFA dey consider match wey teams don play for di last eight years for dia rank calculation, but now na only di last 4 years dem dey use.

From dat 4 years (48 months), di world joinbodi go take di points wey team don get for di last 12 months, come add am join average point from di 36 months wey remain.

Image copyright Nduka Orjinmo / BBC

How FIFA ranking dey score point?

FIFA say di formula wey dem dey take calculate di point (P) wey teams go get from every match dey very simple:

  • If di team win di match, lose am or draw am (M)
  • How important di match be (I)
  • How strong team wey dem follow play be (T)
  • Di confederation joinbodi where di team from come (C)

So, na di formula be dis: P = M x I x T x C

M - Team dey get 3 points if dem win, 1 point if na draw and 0 if dem lose. If na penalty shoot-out end am, di team wey win go get 2 points and di team wey lose go get 1 point.

Result Points
Win 3
Draw 1
Lose 0
Penalty win 2
Penalty defeat 1

I - Di importance of di match dey rate from 1 to 4 and e depend on whether na friendly (1), World Cup or confederation-level qualifier (2.5), confederation-level finals (3) or na World Cup match (4).

Match Points
Friendly match 1
World Cup / confederation-level qualifier match 2.5
Confederation-level finals game & Confederations Cup 3
World Cup finals match 4

T - FIFA dey calculate di number like dis: 200 minus di rank wey di team wey dem follow play get.

C - Dem dey also consider how strong di confederation be. Dis one na di football joinbodi wey di team dey under for dia continent. And e dey based on how many times di teams for any confederation don win game for di last three World Cup finals.

Confederation Points
UEFA 0.99
AFC 0.85
CAF 0.85
OFC 0.85

According to FIFA, di only way for teams to dey go up for ranking na to win match, as even draw no go too help teams go far. And to dey always play match, even if na International friendly, because FIFA dey reduce point for teams wey e don tay since dem last play match.

Current World top 10

1 - Germany

2 - Brazil

3 - Portugal

4 - Argentina

5 - Belgium

6 - Spain

7 - Poland

8 - Switzerland

9 - France

10 - Chile

Current Africa top 10

23 - Senegal

27 - Tunisia

31 - Egypt

36 - Congo DR

40 - Morocco

44 - Burkina Faso

45 - Cameroon

50 - Nigeria

51 - Ghana

61 - Côte d'Ivoire

Ranking for Women

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Nigeria women team rank pass any other team for Africa

All di one wey we don talk na for di men team because how FIFA dey take rank women team dey different:

  • Na every three-three month dem dey release new rank; men own na every month.
  • For di men dem no dey consider whether team dey play for home or away, but women ranking dey use am.
  • Women ranking dey use goal difference and number of goals wey team score but men no dey use am.

For September 2017, FIFA announce say dem dey look whether di way dem dey rank now fit improve and dem go decide am after di end of di 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification.

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