2018 World Cup qualifier: FIFA don comot point from Nigeria hand

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Image example Africa never go past quarter-final for World Cup before. Dat one fit change for Russia?

World football referee FIFA don collect di point Nigeria bin get for dia match against Algeria, give di north African country three points, come also fine NFF CHF 6,000.

Na because Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) use player wey no suppose play for di match between Algeria and Nigeria on 10 November.

Di match bin end for 1-1 draw, but now FIFA don give Algeria di three points and three goals. So dem win Nigeria 3-0.

E mean say Nigeria go still finish top of Group B but with 13 points instead of 14, while Algeria total now na four from di two dem bin get before.

Di player na Abdullahi Shehu wey suppose get one-match suspension because im bin don collect two yellow cards for two separate match dem inside di same qualifiers.

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Image example Shehu as im receive yellow card for game against Zambia for Uyo.

Nigeria Football Federation say dem go investigate di matter and anybody wey responsible for dis mistake, say dem go deal with di person.

Meanwhile, sports tori person China Acheru wey sabi football matter for Nigeria say "NFF mumu no get part two, for dis kain mistake wey dem do, we thank God say we don qualify."

For China, "na di team secretary suppose carry di blame for im head, and oda people wey dey work for di secretariat."

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