'Romelu Lukaku comot Everton because of juju' - Moshiri

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'Lukaku no consult juju comot Everton, na tire e tire!'

Striker, Romelu Lukaku bin decide say im go comot Everton, after im get "juju message" wey tell am to join Chelsea, na so one top Everton shareholder talk.

Di Belgium footballer, 24, still leave English club Everton last summer, but im join Manchester United, wey pay £75m.

Farhad Moshiri bin dey shareholders meeting when im tell dem say di player bin get message as im mama dey do "pilgrimage for Africa" after im don ready to sign new deal for Everton.

For March, Mino Raiola wey be Lukaku agent bin talk say di deal to remain for Everton don "99.9% ready."

Premier League Champions, Chelsea bin put money for ground say dem wan buy Lukaku, but im decide say e go play for Manchester United, wey Jose Mourinho dey manage.

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Image example Iranian billionaire, Farhad Moshiri don put up £150m of im own money to comot debt for Everton neck

Oga Moshiri talk say im waste two summers to try keep Lukaku, but fail and add say no be money make am comot from di team.

Im say "as long as I be major stakeholder, money matter no be problem."

People don already start to dey comment on top wetin Moshiri talk for social media.

Dis person talk say na di curse of papa Shango, wey be di African god of Thunder, na im carry Lukaku go:

Dis one no wan believe di tori wey Oga Moshiri dey talk; im think say Moshiri dey vex for Lukaku and dey look for where to pour di anger.

Anoda side na dis person, wey say people wey no understand am go laugh but juju na real thing for im side.

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