FIFA 2018 Ranking: See where W Africa countries dey

Nigeria Super Eagles Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Nigerian dey go World Cup but Ghana no qualify

Di world join-bodi wey dey chook eye for football for world (FIFA) don comot dem first ranking for 2018.

Super Eagles of Nigeria still maintain dem level for number 51 for world and number 9 for Africa.

Tunisia move up by four places and dat one make dem di highest ranking African country for 23 position for world.

Senegal, Egypt Morocco, Congo, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria and Algeria na dem complete African best 10 countries for di list.

Germany still dey number one for world while all di top 10 teams for word no change.

Di next list go comot for 15 February.

How di FIFA ranking dey work?

How West African teams perform for di list?

  • Nigeria remain for 51 position
  • Ghana remain for 50 position
  • Cameroon remain for 45 position
  • Sierra Leone move down to 98 position
  • Benin Republic go up one place to land for 89 position
  • Togo drop five places to enter 127 position
  • Liberia go up land for 133 position

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