Pele: Brazil Legend collapse and deh rush'am for hospital

Brazil, Football, World Cup Image copyright MARIA BASTONE
Image example Pele na world class footballer weh don win three World Cup

Pele, di Brazilian Legend dey for hospital and doctors di monitor yi di recover. Over tiredness make Pele collapse and deh takam' go for hospital.

De 77-year-old footballer be get for go to UK for week-end for dinner weh Football Writers Association. FWA di organise for yi honour.

Doctor dem do plenty test for Pele and dey say na 'severe exhaustion' - over tiredness make yi collapse. " E deh on fluids and deh di monitor yi recovery. Thankfully no serious problem di show", na so doctor dem tok. Pele be go hospital for some taim for kidney problem.

Pele na de only player weh e don ever win three World Cup dem.

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