Larry Nassar: Sexual harassers like disgraced US doctor dey for Nigeria sports?

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Image example People wey know say Nigeria sportswomen for club and country level dey suffer harassment

One former Nigerian woman footballer (wey no gree make we mention her name) don tell BBC Pidgin say, sexual harassment and Nigeria sportswomen na like 5 and 6.

Dis footballer wey play for di Nigeria national women team - Super Falcons, talk say even though women dey suffer, Nigeria media no dey give di harassment too much attention.

Dis week, one court for America nack former Team USA Olympic doctor Larry Nassar, 175 years for prison on top say im sexually abuse dozens of sportswomen.

People jolly well-well as dem hail dis case as big victory for one of di biggest sexual harassment case for America wey affect up to 156 young women.

When tori of sexual harassment first begin dey spread for US media, na di movie industry for Hollywood e first hammer but since den e don spread reach other parts and now e don reach sports.

But dis kain tori dey hard to find for Nigeria sports, sabi people don talk say e dey surprising because of di big number of sportswomen wey dey compete for different kain sports.

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Image example Former Team USA Olympic doctor Larry Nassa

Sexual harassment for sports dey no be today for Nigeria

BBC speak with one female journalist (wey no gree make we mention her name), she say na true say sexual harassment dey for Nigeria because she don hear am and even she herself don experience am.

She talk say: ''One senior sports official for Nigeria tell me say if l come im hotel and l make am 'happy', im go give me hot tori wey l fit use for my journalism work.''

''When l tell am say l no dey do, im no gree hear word, dis man follow me with phone calls, say make I cooperate with am but last-last na delete I delete im number'', she add.

But she say no be say media dey avoid dis kain tori but di wahala be say even di girls sef no wan talk.

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Image example Nigeria super falcons don win di African Women Championship eight times

Dis na something Jessica Amadi wey be media officer with di Port Harcourt based woman football club, Rivers Angels, agree with.

Amadi talk say no be like say journalists no wan touch dis matter but women wey be victims no dey ginger to talk.

''I know plenty women, especially for football wey don suffer sexual harassment but dem no dey report because dem dey fear. Coaches go cut dem warning say if dem talk, na di end of dia career''.

She still talk say, ''even when di woman wey be victim of harassment waka comot go another team, di harasser go call di coach wey dey in charge of di other team and give dem dis info, so dem fit show am pepper. All dis coaches know diasef, dem be paddy-paddy. So women dey suffer for inside, but go smile as if everything dey okay.''

Last-last Amadi say, ''If we fit get law wey go protect victims so dem go talk and dem no get fear say person fit wound dem, because di person wey dey harass dem fit be powerful person, I dey sure say women go ginger to come out and report case of sexual harassment."

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Image example Lauritta Onye na one of plenty sportswomen wey make Nigeria shine for international competitions

l dey jam roadblock whenever l wan do sexual harassment tori

One of biggest football bloggers for Nigeria, China Acheru tell BBC Pidgin reporter Busayo Iruemiobe say sexual harassment tori for media na like mathematics.

Acheru talk say, ''Between 2004 - 2009, dis na di kain tori dem I dey torchlight up and down. I don meet people wey don suffer sexual harassment for football clubs wey dey Port Harcourt, Jos and Abuja and even di national team, Super Falcons."

''But whenever I wan write dis stories about sexual harassment for Nigeria football, na like say I dey jam roadblock around di people wey dey do am, sotay e tire me and I stop to dey pursue dis kain investigative journalism.''

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Image example Nigeria Super Falcons new head coach, Thomas Dennerby

Which way forward on top harassment?

Acheru believe say di kain change wey dey happen for overseas go hard for Nigeria because our culture and lifestyle don make men dem first class citizen, wey fit do and undo but women na second class.

For Nigeria sports, na di men dem dey run things. Na dem be football administrator, coach and assistant and na men dey harass women pass.

Dis na why Amadi get mind say one solution for dis harassment matter na to increase di number of professional women wey dey in charge of sport teams.

''For my club River Angels, our team manager na woman so she dey protect our girls. She dey cut dem warning say if any coach give dem trouble dem, make dem report to her.''

Di Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) just hire new head coach, Thomas Dennerby wey be man and im replace former Super Falcons player Florence Omagbemi.

Dis na one of di signs say, e go take small time before Nigeria reach di kain level Jessica want.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori