David Beckham na football club owner for US!

David Beckham Image copyright AFP
Image example Beckham don dey work to bring football team to Miami, US since many years

From footballer to football club owner! Dis na di story of former England captain David Beckham, as e don launch im new team for Miami, US, wey go play for Major League Soccer.

Dis Major League Soccer (MLS) na wetin dem dey call America dia top league.

Beckham bin take di choice for im contract with im former side LA Galaxy to buy expansion franchise since 2014, and now im plan don reach ground, three years later.

Im team wey dem never give name dey ready to play for one 25,000-seat stadium wey dey inside Miami Overtown neighbourhood.

"I'm dey excited to bring dis great team to dis great city - di journey no easy at all," na wetin di former Manchester United midfielder talk.

Beckham, 42, add say: "I promise you di team we go bring enter di league go be di best team."

Na MLS commissioner Don Garber officially give Miami official carry-go to get another expansion side, with announcement ceremony on Monday.

Congratulations pour full Beckham head for inside one video wey show im four pickin and wife Victoria, 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams, eight-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt, and other celebrities, including Will Smith, Jay Z and Jennifer Lopez.

Beckham, wey bin LA Galaxy from Real Madrid for 2007, don become di first former MLS player to still own team for di league.

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